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Schedule of Fees

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The following schedule of fees may be assessed against your account:

Balancing of Statement $10.00 Per Hour
Overdraft Item Fee
(Imposed on overdrafts created by checks, in-person withdrawals, or other electronic means)
$30.00 Per Item
Returned Item Fee
(Imposed when checks and items presented by electronic means are returned unpaid)
$30.00 Per Item
Debit / ATM Replacement Card $5.00
ATM Activity Fee – Transaction At ATM Other Than Concordia Bank ATM
 Withdrawal (each) $1.00
 Transfer (each) $1.00
 Balance Inquiry (each) $1.00
Telephone Transfer Fee $2.00
Stop Payment Fee $30.00 Per Item
Dormant Account Fee
 Accounts Other Than Blue Chip Savings (assessed on accounts dormant 730 days) $1.00 Per Month
 Blue Chip Savings Accounts (assessed on accounts dormant 1095 days) $3.00 Per Quarter
Fee for Early Closing of Account (Closed Within 90 Days Of Opening) $20.00
Insufficient Funds Transfer Fee $5.00 Per Transfer
Online Bill Payment Service Fees
 Consumer Accounts
CB&T Bill Pay Inactivity Fee (assessed if no bill payment activity in prior 30 day period)
 Business Accounts
CB&T Bill Pay Service Fee (includes first 10 payments)
After 10 payments
$0.50 Per Transfer
Statement Copy Fee $2.00 Per Statement

Cost of check printing varies depending on style of checks ordered.
Transactions may not be processed in the order in which they occur. The order in which transactions are received and processed may impact the total amount of fees incurred.

Other Services and Fees

Cashier’s Check $5.00
Money Order $2.00
Wire Transfer
Customer Outgoing $15.00
Customer Outgoing Foreign $50.00
Customer Incoming No Cost
Draft Collection $10.00 plus external bank charges
Coupon Collection $10.00 plus external bank charges
FAX Service
Customer $10.00 (up to 10 pages)
$1.00 per additional page
Noncustomer $15.00 (up to 10 pages)
$1.00 per additional page
Oil Lease Rental $5.00
Safe Deposit Boxes (NOT FDIC INSURED)
3×5 $30.00
5×5 $45.00
3×10 $45.00
5×10 $70.00
10×10 $110.00

Tax reporting envelopes *For customers only
Notary Services *For Customers Only
Signature Guaranty Stamp *Fee