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VISA Debit Card

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The Concordia Bank VISA Debit Card offers the same convenient access to your money as an ATM Card plus more! The VISA Debit Card makes it convenient and simple to make purchases without the hassles of writing checks or carrying excess cash. It looks like a credit card and can be used worldwide wherever VISA is accepted. Because it is a debit card, purchase amounts are deducted directly from your Concordia Bank & Trust Co. checking account. Your regular monthly statement will show the date, location, and amount of each transaction. Now, with the addition of chip technology, your debit card includes additional security and can be accepted at chip enabled terminals worldwide.

Concordia Bank & Trust Co. is committed to providing you with the highest level of service and convenience possible. That’s why we provide instant issue Concordia Bank & Trust Co. VISA debit cards.

Receive your new card the same day you open an account

No more waiting days or even weeks for your card to arrive in the mail.
Cards are issued on the spot and ready to use.

Replace a lost or stolen card instantly

If you lose your card or even suspect fraudulent activity, simply stop in any Concordia Bank & Trust Co. and we’ll issue you a new card. It’s fast, simple… and helps protect your account.

Get extra peace of mind

Receive your card right away, with no more worries about having it delayed in the mail.

It’s convenient. | It’s fast. | It’s secure.

VISA Debit Card issued subject to credit approval. Apply for yours today!