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Express Phone Banking

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You can bank with us 24 hours a day!

Express Phone Banking is your connection to Concordia Bank & Trust Co., anytime day or night, giving you immediate access to the information you need most often.

With Express Phone Banking, you can quickly and easily:

  • Make account balance inquiries.
  • Determine the latest transactions on your account.
  • Verify deposits as well as other electronic funds or ATM transactions.
  • Verify interest paid and earned information.

Using Express Phone Banking

Before using Concordia Bank & Trust Co.’s Express Phone Banking, make sure you have your account number(s) handy. Also, have your Personal Identification Number (PIN) available. The last four digits of your social security number or tax identification number have been assigned as your initial PIN. The first time you access your accounts you will be required to change your social security or tax identification number to any four digit number you select.

1. Call Express Phone Banking
Local Calling Area 318.336.5229
Toll-Free 1.888.336.5229

2. Wait for the greeting, then follow the simple instructions given to you over the phone. You will be offered a series of menu selections from which to choose. To access these selections from the Opening Menu given, simply press the corresponding number(s) on your telephone.